Christmas Lights and Electricity

Everyone likes twinkling Christmas lights. From the mega shows to the small Charlie Brown tree, they liven up the holidays. Nostalgia and memories flood in like the scene in “A Christmas Story” as dad goes to replace the fuse in the fuse box when it blows the instant the tree is plugged in, and we all get a laugh. It can be a fun time, but we also need to remember it’s not Hollywood in your home.

A few tips to remember can help you out, and make the season bright with lights. Before you hang up your lights, make sure to inspect them. Any broken insulation or frayed copper showing means throw them away, don’t just put tape on it! Verify the proper rating. Today’s LED lights don’t draw much current. In most cases you’ll never overload your circuit or your cords. If you still have the old incandescent lamps, be sure to just feel the cords when they are all on and running for a while. If the cord is warm to the touch, turn it off and reduce some of the load off that cord. NEVER put a cord under a carpet or furniture, route them out of the way so they are not a tripping hazard, but let them have some room to dissipate any heat buildup from extended use. Don’t forget to choose the extension cord for the right environment, some cords are for outdoor use and other for only indoor use.

Use as directed, there is a difference between outdoor and indoor holiday lights. Make sure your lights are meant for the environment you plan to use them in. Also look at location, don’t put lights too close to anything combustible, such as near paper or other flammable products. Don’t hang them too close to your fireplace or near candles or space heaters.

Be careful if you leave lights on when you are not at home, many people leave them on but be aware of the risk in the event something were to happen. The same goes if you go to sleep at night, timers fail, so be ready to react, and it’s always a clever idea to keep a few fire extinguishers on hand that can put out an electrical fire.

Replace burned out or broken bulbs, and do the repair with the power OFF! A broken bulb could endanger a child or cause an electrical short. Be sure to select the proper wattage, and remember that metal trees and electrical lights don’t mix. If you have a metal tree, it’s best not to hang lights on it and create a potential shock hazard.

Don’t let the season be ruined by failing to use common sense safety practices. It’s important to make fond memories, just don’t take unnecessary short cuts that could lead to a Christmas to forget. When in doubt consult an electrician. R&D Electrical, LLC is here to help in any way we can. Call 817-541-7550, that plug you’ve always needed to make your lighting better can be on the schedule and ready for the grand lighting ceremony, and you won’t have a blown fuse in the process! Merry Christmas!

With leadership that has more than 50 combined years of experience in the industry, it’s easy to see why R&D Electrical, LLC is one of the Dallas and Fort Worth area’s leading providers of electrical services. Call them (844) 344-2075 or contact us online for a free estimate. You can also like them on Facebook.

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